12 Tips For A Successful Notary Appointment

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It’s not rocket science, but there are still some things you should be aware of before you sit down for your next notarization.

Let’s explore 12 tips to help ensure a successful document signing during your next appointment with your mobile notary public.

  1. Set aside 20-30 minutes for your next notary appointment. (It usually only takes a few minutes. But don’t rush things & make costly mistakes.)
  2. Be sure to check the document(s) to find out if any witnesses are necessary.
  3. Avoid filling out any info in the notary section of your document.
  4. DO NOT sign your document until you’re in the presence of your notary.
  5. Be sure to have an UNEXPIRED form of i.d ready to go. (Driver’s license, state i.d, passport, military i.d)
  6. All signers for the document(s) need to be present at the time of the notarization & ALL parties signing should have an UNEXPIRED i.d as well.
  7. Witnesses (if necessary) should have an unexpired i.d as well.
  8. In the presence of your mobile notary public, sign your document in the correct spot.
  9. All parties signing MUST be 18+ and must also be mentally competent to sign and agree to the content contained within the document.
  10. Don’t be shy! During the appointment with your notary public, be sure to ask any questions needed to gain clarification on anything that may be unclear to you.
  11. After your notary public appointment, check your document(s) to ensure your notary didn’t forget to place his/her stamp. (Yes, this is technically your notary’s job. But it’s still a good idea to check as it could help avoid inconvenience.
  12. If your document originates from out of state, be sure your notary: (a) crosses out the incorrect state & county and fills in the correct info along with their initials, OR (b) attaches a separate notarial certificate.

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